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Our Mission

Support you in the development of products and services aligned with your values

We are convinced that every company has the responsibility to commit to a more sustainable approach.

Aware that many professionals want to take action without necessarily having the resources or tools, Blue Loop was created in 2020 to provide them with tangible solutions.

Our objective  :  Enable companies to translate their environmental and societal commitments through the development of a range of sustainable products and services.

Our approach is based on eco-design and responsible purchasing which are key value creation levers.

A personalized methodology articulated in three steps to  :

  1. Understand the issues at stake

  2. Set goals and develop a strategy

  3. Take action


Created by Marion Duzan, Blue Loop is based on her international experience in purchasing, supply chain and  marketing in the furniture, textiles and packaging industries. This experience helps her relate closely to the internal issues of her customers.

Trained in lean management, eco-design and life cycle analysis, she is supported by a network of committed actors (eco-designers, manufacturers of innovative materials and responsible finished products, impact assessment experts) and relies on standardized methodologies to simplify, train and share tools applicable to every step of the supply chain.

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